Wiki @RIPLRT (Respiratory and Immunology Project and Laboratory Research Team) at Larkin University)

We are a scientific research lab within the College of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University. We study the respiratory health effects of environmental pollution through immunological, computational (biology and data science), and exposure science approaches.

In @RIPLRT Wiki, you will find all the different guides and resources we employ to give life to our mission of addressing respiratory health in response to air pollution at different environmental settings. These include:

You can find more information about our lab here. Also find more information about the #RIPLRT by visiting our Github repo, and our Researchgate, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

The RIPLRT would like to thank the Alylab(1) for sharing this great idea in a recent Nature's News and Communication article: to elaborate a lab manual and have a Wiki page!

(1) Aly, M., ruiz, nicholas, Jayakumar, M., & Tarder-Stoll, H. (2018, September 19). Aly Lab. Retrieved from osf.io/mdh87